About the Open Foresight Hub

The Open Foresight Hub is a platform - based on open and collaborative principles - for the exchange of views about futures and the forces shaping them; and about foresight methods and the people and organizations creating and using them. Centered on crowd-sourced wiki principles, the Open Foresight Hub is designed for anyone to access and contribute to the collective effort.

Three main spokes bring a diversity of views about futures into the Open Foresight Hub:

  • Library: collections of reports, articles, books, multimedia, and other publications offering analyses and perspectives about possible, plausible, and preferred futures; and about the foresight field more generally
  • Futures: crowd-sourced summaries of different futures and the myriad of forces shaping them; these futures are dynamically evolving, both synthesizing the diversity of existing perspectives and seeking additional perspectives
  • Encyclopedia: a compendium of entries summarizing knowledge about the foresight field including theories and practice; methods and tools; people and organizations; history and futures

Why Open Foresight Hub

Now more than ever, our hope for a better tomorrow depends on many people coming together to create better futures. And creating better futures begins by envisioning better futures. Yet, it’s not enough for one or even two to envision the same futures. Rather, it takes many people assimilating, and aligning to realize, the same visions of tomorrow.

To create broadly accepted visions of tomorrow at a global level requires us to collectively discern, decolonize, and democratize the diversity of views about our futures and the forces shaping them. This is only possible with a completely open and collaborative approach to foresight.

Founding Principles

  1. Open Foresight Hub is an encyclopedia, library, and futures collaboration space.
  2. Open Foresight Hub seeks to collectively discern and decolonize visions of a better tomorrow.
  3. Open Foresight Hub promotes diverse perspectives that enrich everyone’s understanding.
  4. Open Foresight Hub fosters a civil and collaborative environment.
  5. Open Foresight Hub is free for anyone to use, edit, and distribute.

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The Open Foresight Hub is an open collaboration generously supported by private and public sector organizations around the globe.

Founding Partners

 Foresight Academy The Foresight Academy is a platform where companies from different industries explore how customers want to live in ten years and create shared visions of desirable future everyday life.
SAP As the market leader in enterprise application software, we’re helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run better by redefining ERP and creating networks of intelligent enterprises that provide transparency, resiliency, and sustainability across supply chains.

Contributing Partners

University of Houston The University of Houston Foresight program is the world's longest-running academic foresight program. Our approach is focused on the practical application of foresight methods. Our mission is to introduce as many people and organizations as possible to the future and train in real, practical, applied foresight at the level of depth, and is committed to lifelong learning.

Success can only come through collective effort and support. If you’d like to learn more about how your organization can contribute to the Open Foresight Hub, please email us at info@openforesighthub.org.

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