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Propose Content for the Library

Our goal is to make the library the largest index of foresight related reports, books, and media around the world. We're thinking on the scale of the legendary Library of Alexandria.

You can help by proposing content that Open Foresight Hub contributors can add. Please follow these simple steps to make the process as efficient as possible:

  1. Confirm the content is not already in the library. Searching by title in the search bar is the easiest way.
  2. Confirm the content meets the Hub's general notability guidelines.
  3. Confirm that the content is openly available on the Web. We won't index content that sits behind paywalls, registration forms, or is in any way behind a castle wall.
  4. Submit a new comment in the Discussion section below. Include a link to the content and optionally a brief comment about the topics, geographies, and or time horizons covered if you can.

And if you're able to create the page in the library, please follow the instructions in the library template guide. Many hands make light work!

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Last modified: 2023/07/26 17:00 by elizabethherfel