User Guide

This guide is an extended resource for all users and editors of Open Foresight Hub. It includes valuable information for everyone, from new users to site administrators. If you don't see what you're looking for here, be sure to search for the topic using the search box in the top right corner.

Using Open Foresight Hub

Editing Open Foresight Hub

  • Account creation - In order to edit and create pages on OFH, you'll need an account. Here's how to make yours.
  • Create and Edit Pages - The three ways to create a new page, and how to edit pages using the edit window.
  • Syntax - An in-depth guide to Open Foresight Hub's markup language.
  • Typical page structure - Explains the different sections that exist on a typical wiki article and how they should be organized.
  • Namespaces - A more in-depth guide to namespaces- how to decide what namespace your article goes in and linking between namespaces.
  • Tagging and categories - An explanation of the category namespace and tagging best practices
  • Hints on good style - Tips on page structure, language, and formatting.
  • Editor notes guide - How to use editor notes to provide feedback for articles.
  • User pages - How to create a user page and connect with other users.
  • Policies - Open Foresight Hub policies and guidelines.
  • User Access Rights - Explains user groups on Open Foresight Hub and the access rights granted to visitors, registered users, and administrators.
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