User pages guide

Upon your first login, a user page will automatically be generated using your username. This is your user page. You can access your user page by searching user:your_username, typing in your browser's search bar, or through the sitemap.

You are the only person who can edit your user page. You may customize your userpage as you see fit. It is a good place to introduce yourself to other users, let others know where they can find you/your work around the web, and showcase pages and projects you're working on here on Open Foresight Hub.

Similarly, you are the only person who can create pages in your user namespace. To create a page in your user namespace, name it user:your_username:page_title. If you are unable to create the page, make sure you have typed your username correctly. Your user namespace is a good place to keep drafts of page you're working on.

User editor notes

User Editor Notes are used to contact Open Foresight Hub editors, provide individual feedback, ask questions, and handle issues in a semi-private manner. Admins may post warnings to users on their user editor notes. You can access them by mousing over the buttons on the right side of the page, and clicking “start editor notes” If you are new here, they will be empty until someone posts there. We recommend subscribing to your user editor notes page so you will be notified via email if someone contacts you there. To get email updates for your user editor notes (or any page on Open Foresight Hub) mouse over the buttons on the right and click 'manage subscriptions.'

Categories: Include all of the major categories in the report. Search for and use existing tags here. Add a new tag if topic not already identified. Wrap in tags. Detailed instructions can be found here.

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