Policies and Guidelines

These pages outline Policies and Guidelines for using and interacting with Open Foresight Hub.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use - Open Foresight Hub's Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy


Founding Principles - Shared principles designed to foster respect, trust, and open exchange.


Core Content Policies - Describes four overarching policies meant to uphold the general integrity, reliability, and quality of all content on Open Foresight Hub: neutral point-of-view, verifiability and reliability, originality and attribution, and notability and relevance.

General Notability Guidelines - Guidelines to help contributors decide whether an article is suitable for Open Foresight Hub, and if so which namespace it belongs in.

Username Policy - Guidelines for selecting a username.


Conduct Policies - Outlines acceptable behavior by, and between, users on Open Foresight Hub to foster a welcoming and diverse community of contributors.

Dispute Resolution Policy - Guidelines for how users should resolve content and editing disputes.


Warning Policy - Users breaking Open Foresight policy will typically receive three official warnings.

Banning Policy - Repeated violations of policy or serious offenses may result in a temporary ban. Repeated offenses will result in longer bans.

Blocking Policy - If offenses continue after multiple bans, users may be blocked from editing Open Foresight Hub.

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