Banning Policy

A user who does not adhere to warnings and persists in rule-breaking behavior, or who substantially violates Open Foresight Hub's rules, may be banned. A ban may also be issued by an administrator in order to resolve failure to comply with a dispute resolved by an arbitration panel, or in response to repeated attempts to disrupt the peace.

Bans are temporary restrictions on a user's ability to edit Open Foresight Hub. A ban is normally a site ban (prohibiting all editing), but it may be limited to a page ban or a topic ban (prohibiting edits on pages relating to certain topic areas). Depending on the nature and severity of the offense, a ban can last from 24 hours up to a month.


Administrators must provide notice of a ban as directly as possible. Administrators may write on the user talk page; they may also issue the notice via email.

The notice must clearly indicate:

  • The duration of the ban
  • The scope of the ban
  • The reason for the ban


Once the duration of the ban has been met, Administrators will notify the involved user of the end of the ban as immediately and directly as possible.

Bans are Cumulative

Bans are generally cumulative in nature and will increase in duration for repeat offenses. For example, a user who is blocked for one week due to sockpuppetry (using one or more fake accounts) may be blocked for two weeks or longer on a subsequent offense.

Escalation to a Block

If a user deliberately commits repeated instances that result in multiple bans, an arbitration panel can determine if it is necessary to escalate the ban toward a block.


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