Getting Started

Find Content

There are four ways to find content on the Open Foresight Hub:

  1. Navigate through pages in the encyclopedia, library, and futures sections.
  2. Look through the index of tags for content related to a specific topic, time horizon, geography, or other attribute.
  3. Type your search terms into the search bar, which is located in the top right corner of every page.
  4. Navigate the entire Sitemap of the Open Foresight Hub, which can be found in the top right corner of the page.

Of course, with the Open Foresight Hub so new there is a good chance the content you're looking for isn't published yet. That's where your contributions can play an invaluable role. And it begins by creating an account.

Create an account

It is possible to view all of the content published in the Open Foresight Hub without an account. However, if you wish to contribute to discussions, suggest changes, edit pages, or create new ones you will need an account. Your perspectives are absolutely invaluable to us. We hope you'll join the Hub and contribute your insights and expertise.

Everyone is welcome to create an account and it is totally free. You'll be asked to provide your email address, create a unique username, tell us your “real name” or whatever you'd like to be called, and choose a password.

We look forward to hearing from you in the Hub in the near futures!


Once you have an account, familiarize yourself with Open Foresight Hub's policy page to understand etiquette and contribution guidelines. Now you're ready! There are five basic ways to contribute:

  1. Participate in a discussion on almost any page. You can find the Discussions section at the bottom of the page. Learn more by reading the discussion guide.
  2. Provide feedback to improve a page - such as typos, inaccuracies, potential improvements - using the Editor Notes section of a page. Learn more by reading the editor notes guide.
  3. Propose new content to add to the library, such as reports, analyses, books, multimedia. Instructions can be found on the page.
  4. Edit or create new pages based on your expertise and interests.
  5. Support ongoing upkeep by checking out the tasks board. The Open Foresight Hub is like a garden. And it benefits from gardeners who can pull weeds, replant pages, water discussions, and generally keeping things usable.

Read the user guide for tutorials on how to edit in DokuWiki, the wiki platform used by Open Foresight Hub, and for guidelines and tips for creating and editing pages.

If you are unsure where to begin editing, try browsing pages that interest you and see if you can improve them. If you come across any red links, that means the page does not exist yet. You can help by clicking the link and adding content to the page, turning the link green.

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