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Open Foresight Hub is a wiki dedicated to organizing and sharing foresight knowledge. Centered on crowd-sourced wiki principles, the Hub aims to make it possible for anyone to access and contribute to the collective effort.

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The Castle and the Village Square - Learn why we believe foresight is most successful when it is conducted openly and collaboratively in the village square, not behind an organization's castle walls.

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A compendium of entries summarizing knowledge about the foresight field including theories and practice; methods and tools; people and organizations; history and futures


Collections of reports, articles, books, multimedia, and other publications offering analyses and perspectives about possible, plausible, and preferred futures; and about the foresight field more generally


Crowd-sourced summaries of different futures and the myriad of forces shaping them; these futures are dynamically evolving, both synthesizing the diversity of existing perspectives and seeking additional perspectives

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